Yesterday went out with a ling^^
After her tuition class,i went to fetch her and we went to shopping complex hang around~
We went spring by the pursose of buying pearl milktea.
who knows that they haven ready yet /sweat
we wait for half an hour then return to buy pearl milktea
they told us that pearl not yet arrive,need to wait until 1pm ><
we end up by purchasing 巫巫查查 (i saw wrongly to巫婆查查) and 五味汤
do you know what i found in my 五味汤?
at  first 1 found a stripe of long hair.
i thought that was mine,so i just take it out.
but i found 3 to 4 short hairs inside too!!! /shock
quickly return that soup to the shop and they also do a new one for me~
a ling even don't dare to drink her 巫婆查查's soup 
coz the 巫婆查查 is an opaque soup,ling scare there's also hairs inside
after that,we drive to PIZZA HUT  near s'wak plaza
we have our lunch there.
both of us order LUNCH EXPRESS set.
it coz only RM 9.80/set.
a glass of PEPSI + 4 pieces of garlic bread stix + 1 soup-of-the-day + Lunch Xpress Pizza / Pasta / Rice
i prefer pizza while a ling order pasta :D

this set lunch is only available during weekdays from 11:30am to 2:30pm
so if u wish to have this set lunch,remember to go on the right time :)
oh ya,this set lunch is also not available during public holidays.
my stomach is big enough to store my own set lunch but a ling fail to /wahaha
after finish eating,we complete a sudoku given before we left~(i only do few but ling do all /XD )
even bill also wanna post ? bo bien, crazy people do crazy things /hmm

P/S : this is the first time writing post in english, quite hard~sometimes still need the help from google translater  :))

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