Don't put high expectation on me

I'm actually not as good as you guys thinking of
My brain cannot memorize things well
Teacher,I really cannot do, please don't say that
"Karin, I know that just you haven't do your revision so you cannot do"
"Karin,you can de la,tak jadi masalah"
"Kamu pasti boleh punya,get an A not a problem"
Dearest Teachers,if you all manage to read this post,i wanna tell you that i really don't understand and don't know how to do.

To Madam L. : I cannot identify which type of graph to draw,what you say today i cannot catch up.You always say that after I go home revise then I'll know what you're talking about,but actually NOT. You say Science side sure can do,only those Art side cannot do. Then i have to admit that I'm actually an Art side student.

To Miss T1. : You say i cannot do your questions because i haven do revision.You're wrong.Don't put high expectation on me. Never have a wrong concept that my result in FORM 6 will be as good as what i get in SPM. That's a big big big different between secondary school and FORM 6!

To Puan M. : I'm sorry to you the most because i cannot understand you subject the most. I always get few marks only for your quiz. What you say during class i cannot catch up. I'm really admire those who can catch your ball during lesson.

To Mr J. : I know where is my english level. Teacher,you're so kind that you give me Band 3 in my speaking test. I know who i am and where my standard is. I can only get Band 2 in the actual speaking test. You said that my class is the best class that you had ever teach. But i'm sure that i'm not the one you mention. Teacher,you're just too kind. You always said that my presentation is ok but it is actually worst than anyone else in the class. Sorry teacher is i get bad result for my MUET test and sorry to make you feel shame of me.

To Ms T2 : Teacher,you have tried very very hard to teach us. You're new in this education sector. So many things are very hard for you to handle and adapt. You are generous too. You don't get angry after our class make fun of you. Sorry teacher. You are a good teacher but i'm not a good student. Don't easily disappoint on me. If not you're going to disappoint many times. You still got many good students,so believe and be more confident in yourself !

This is the 2nd time.During the previous exam, 1 of my schoolmate stop FORM 6. Now, same things happen again. This exam, 1 of my classmate stop FORM 6. This is making me less and less confident to continue fighting. During MUET period,i cannot understand what my friend tell me. They tell jokes,they laugh and i also laugh, but in the situation of not knowing the reason i laugh.It's a pity to me. I cannot understand so i cannot catch the funny point of the joke. If someone notice carefully, i'm actually force to smile. If there's a person to stop FORM 6 in my class,that should be me.

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